Teaching Responsibilities

INTE2047 – E-Business Systems 1

In 2016, I became the course coordinator for INTE2047.  The course focuses on a mixture of the business and technical aspects of developing an online business.

ISYS2048 – Developing Mobility Solutions

I was the course coordinator for ISYS2048 for a decade (2007-2016) and was involved with the course in various capacities (e.g., sessional lecturing and tutoring) since 2005.  The course was originally named, “Business Information System Development 2″, and focused on the development of object-oriented business information systems in the Java programming language and platform.  In 2009, I completely redesigned the course to modernise it both in terms of pedagogy and technology.  In 2015, I re-designed the course again to focus on the development of mobile-based solutions (e.g., mobile web systems and apps) to address business problems.  At that point the course was renamed to “Developing Mobility Solutions”.

Other Course Involvement

I have been involved in the following courses at various times.

Course Code
 Course Title
 School  Role
ISYS2388 Business Information Systems Capstone Project Business IT and Logistics Coordinator and group supervisor
ISYS2421 Business Database Fundamentals Business IT and Logistics Tutor
ISYS2399 Business Process Modelling Business IT and Logistics  Tutor
INTE2043 Hardware and Operating Systems Business IT and Logistics Coordinator, lecturer, and tutor (sessional)
COSC1106 Computing Theory Computer Science and Information Technology Lecturer and tutor (sessional)
Agent Oriented Programming and Design Computer Science and Information Technology Tutor (sessional)
ISYS1039 Systems Analysis and Design 1 Business IT and Logistics Tutor (sessional)
ISYS2049 Systems Implementation 2 Business IT and Logistics Tutor (sessional)

Summer Internship

I initiated the summer internship program at the School of Business IT and Logistics. The internship ran in 2010 and 2011. Unfortunately, the internship is no longer running. For more details about the internship, please refer to the official Summer Internship page.