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Logging into a WordPress Site Using Social Media Login

In the old days of the Web, websites implemented their own user management.  While there are some security issues with this (e.g., not all websites secured these login credentials and user details well), there were also practical issues.  As a user, you’d have to create different accounts on different website and remember your login credentials… Read More »

Website Updates Done!

It has been quite a long time coming, but I’ve finally found some time to do an update of the website.  In most cases I’ve ported across the material from my old site to this new one.  Nothing too exciting but something that I’ve been meaning to remove from my to do list for quite… Read More »

And, I’m Back … Kinda.

tl;dr Don’t buy domain names from cheap registrars The old site still lives Don’t buy domain names from cheap registrars Quite a while ago (probably 6+ years since the writing of this post), I bought this domain name on a promotional scheme from a small net registrar (I’ve decided to not “name and shame”).  I’ve… Read More »