Logging into a WordPress Site Using Social Media Login

By | September 9, 2017

In the old days of the Web, websites implemented their own user management.  While there are some security issues with this (e.g., not all websites secured these login credentials and user details well), there were also practical issues.  As a user, you’d have to create different accounts on different website and remember your login credentials for each website.

With OAuth 2.0, this issue has largely disappeared as many sites allow you to log in using your existing social media accounts.  This is more practical as you don’t have to remember your login credentials for different websites that you use.  So, it can be a good idea to add this social media login feature to your WordPress site.  To do that, we’ll use the WordPress Social Login plugin.

WordPress Social Login Plugin

Follow the instructions below to install WordPress Social Login plugin.

  1. Install the WordPress Social Login plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin.  This will create a menu sub-item named “WP Social Plugin” under the “Settings” item on the side menu bar.  Click on the “WP Social Plugin” sub-item.
  3. You can now select with social media accounts you will allow your users to log in from.
  4. To enable, for example, Facebook login, you will need to get an “Application ID” from Facebook and an “Application Key”.  To get these, click on the “Where do I get this info?” link.  It’s best to follow the developer’s instructions for these, allow there is an article on WPBeginner that explains the process to get a Facebook Application ID and Key (see below for link).
  5. You can also enable a number of other components for WordPress Social Login (refer to the official documentation for more details).  For example, you can enable to “Users” component to view which users have logged in with their social media accounts:
    1. Click on the “Components” link.
    2. Enable “Users”.
    3. This creates a new tab that shows you which users have logged in with their social media accounts.

Once you’re done with the installation and configuration, test out your login page and you’ll see a Facebook icon (under “Connect with”).  You should now be able to login using your Facebook account.

If you’d like to know how to create posts and pages for a restricted group on a WordPress site, refer to my previous post, Setting Up Restricted Group Access on WordPress.


Here are some references that I’ve used to write this post.

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