And, I’m Back … Kinda.

By | June 26, 2017


  1. Don’t buy domain names from cheap registrars
  2. The old site still lives

Don’t buy domain names from cheap registrars

Quite a while ago (probably 6+ years since the writing of this post), I bought this domain name on a promotional scheme from a small net registrar (I’ve decided to not “name and shame”).  I’ve renewed it all this time without any issues.  However, two years ago, when I tried to renew it, I couldn’t get into my account.  I contacted my registrar and managed to log into my account and renew it.

For a while, I had noticed that the registrar seemed to be a one-man show as I always got the same person from support who answered me.  That should have been the first warning sign.  The second warning sign was not being about to log into my account and support taking quite a while to get back to me (much longer than usual).  However, since I managed to renew my domain name, I figured I didn’t need to worry about it for another year.  Big mistake.

I ended up losing my domain name as the registrar closed down.  I managed to work out that he was a re-seller, tracked the parent company, talk to their support team, create an account … and found out that it was much more expensive to re-register my domain name.

I decided to take a gamble and wait until my domain name went through the grace period and bought it back.  Luckily, I was successful with this domain name but I wasn’t so fortunate with another of my domain names.  It’s now on auction and currently going for USD3,595!

Maybe “Don’t buy domain names from cheap registrars” is a bit strong.  It should probably be along the lines of “Think twice about buying from cheap registrars (especially if you know they’re operated by a single person” or “Renew cheaply bought domain names with a more reputable registrar”.

The old site still lives

From 2011 I operated my site using Google Sites (because I didn’t want to get caught up in writing the site from scratch for fun and just focused on getting the site done).  Since I’ve managed to re-register my domain name with another registrar, I’ve decided to revamp the site and use WordPress instead.

For historical reason (i.e., otherwise I’ll forget), I’m keeping the old site, which is available at:

I’ll slowly be porting the old site over to this new site.

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